LeNoir Virgin Hair Extensions Review

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! So this post will be an update on the LeNoir Ombre Virgin Hair Extensions I received a few months back. My first thoughts and impressions on the hair can be read in my previous post, click here go to straight to it!


I have now been wearing this hair on/off for close to two months now. I received 3 bundles in 20, 22, 22 inches which I used for a full wig with a lace closure (had to pair with another vendor’s closure). I did my best not to cut any wefts and used the fold over technique when sewing but in the end, I had to cut one track of the 18 inches to fit somewhere else. (I did not seal my wefts)

The bundle sizes were really good and were true to length.  The weft construction and bearding were excellent and I didn’t find other stuff e.g. threads etc mixed with the hair. The hair had no weird smell and the body wave was really pretty.


Carrying on from my 1st impressions, in the 1st weeks the hair was really nice and I didn’t experience any shedding or tangling. Because the hair is bleached, I noticed after a few weeks the hair tangled and matted more especially in the nape area. It felt drier too so deep conditioning and frequent moisturising was essential to reduce that. Detangling the hair also meant a bit of shedding but the hair still held a curl very well. In fact I was very impressed with how long it could hold a curl for. I washed and conditioned the wig once every week when I was wearing it.



VERDICT- Overall I think the hair is good. It’s quite high maintenance due to the bleaching process, the hair came pre ombre (it’s my 1st time buying pre ombre hair and not doing it myself to test the hair out before bleaching). Extra care has to be taken in order to keep the hair in good condition. I found that keeping the hair moisturised helped to reduce the matting and tangles. The hair takes heat very well for bleached hair, I don’t have any split ends yet.

Products used

Shea moisture Super Fruit Shampoo and Conditioner 

Shea moisture JBCO Leave In Conditioner 

Paul Mitchel Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

Style Expert Heat Protectant

Palmers Manuka Honey Finishing Oil – the hair loves this!

I have a 10% discount code for you guys if you want to try the extensions. Just coat it once you place your order. They have other textures in stock!

Discount code SFBLOG

Catch you guys soon!

 You don’t have to be perfect, to be perfect for the one who loves you.

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