Primark Makeup Brushes Review

primark brush review cover

If you read my make up from NewLook post, you would see that a lot of fashion retailers are dipping into the beauty pool. Marks and spencer, Next, H&M are few brands that have their own makeup line.

Primark is one of them and has an extensive makeup collection from eyelashes which I used to love to press on nails. They even have makeup brushes and sponges. I picked up 3 of their brushes some months back and I can finally bring you a review. I had the small stippling brush first (had that for almost a year now) so it’s still in the old silver packaging. The new brushes I picked up are the Powder Brush and the 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer Brush have the new rose gold hardware which makes them look more expensive than their price of £1.50


I have had the small stippling brush the longest and I am yet to experience any shedding from the brush!  I love using it to apply cream highlighters and the small size is perfect for that. The glue on the handles are pretty strong too it’s only now it’s beginning to feel weak.

primark small stippling brush close up

The Powder Brush is other fav of mine, the bristles feel very soft and they pick up enough product. It’s good for both blush and powder. It has a flat top and it’s slightly dense. So far I have only had one bristle shed and that was when I washed it the 1st time.

primark powder brush close up

The 2 in 1 Foundation and Concealer Brush is my least fav. The Foundation Brush side has shed quite a bit since I got it. I also feel like it doesn’t blend product well. I use this brush for concealer though because I prefer buffing brushes for foundation. The concealer side is good for getting into small areas and for cleaning up eye brows. I haven’t had any shed bristles from there.

primark foundation brush closeup

primark concealer brush close up

Verdict– the brushes are nice and effective, for 1.50 each they are excellent value for money. The new rose gold hardware makes it look a bit more expensive than the price. I have seen more brushes in the collection and I may just pick up a few more.

The brushes are priced at £1.50 and available from Primark stores.

UPDATE- These brushes are going strong! Although the small stippling brush came apart and I didn’t have glue to stick it back together! I picked up some more primark brushes and I have a review of them here


Where sin abounds grace super abounds. 


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