My Current Beauty Wish List



After reading Yaa.lia Wish List, did you catch her hair story on my blog? Read it here.  I was inspired to write my own, hoping to put it out there in the universe and hopefully it comes true lol.  Here goes, wishing upon a star

My Current Beauty Wish List


Clarisonic Mia, Mary Kay Skinvirgorate

I have been very interested in skincare lately and no skincare collection would be complete without a good cleansing brush. I have researched a lot and the most popular one with positive reviews seems to be the Clarisonic Mia which is £99. A more budget friendly one which looks as effective is the Mary Kay Skinvirgorate at £35.00


YSL Youth Liberator Eye Zone Serum

Ok this is magic in a jar, I tried a sample of this a couple of months back and it did wonders for my dark circles and eye area. 15ml of the Eye Zone Serum will knock you back £49 and it’s well worth that money!


Marc Jacobs Decadence Perfume

 I am yet to find a perfume I like from the Daisy collection but this perfume right here? Is by far is the best one I have ever smelt and this comes from a perfume lover! The Decadence is long lasting and packaging is just lush. It’s £49 for 30ml.


Becca Opal Glow on the Go Collection

 I don’t own anything from Becca even though I know most of the products the brand makes, have you seen their latest foundation, read about it here. I think this kit, £20 is excellent value for me as I get a taste of their products without spending big bucks on it. I also get my hands on their famous opal highlighter.


Beautify Large Acrylic Cube Organiser

All that skincare needs a pretty storage right? This storage is very big and perfect for large bulky items like skincare products. I love and have Muji drawers but they are quite small and good enough for smaller items like makeup. This organiser comes in two sizes, the large size is £32.99


Gleam by Melanie Mills On the go kit

I have been looking for body makeup/bronzers for a while and Gleam takes the crown in this group! The highlighters look amazing on all skin tones and I particularly love the fact that she uses darker skin models to model it as well. I can’t choose between Bronze Gold or Deep Gold so a kit with all 3, £30 will do for me lol.


Sasha Buttercup Powder

 WOC and beauty lovers everywhere have heard of this powder. A friend from work recently brought me a sample of her new powder and I fell in love with it. I was really interested in it and was going to purchase anyway but the sample and testing it out really sealed the deal! It’s £20 for the

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