Discovering London

Summer is here! The Great British Summer full of rain, wind and a spot of sun lol. I have always been quite inquisitive, always looking for new experiences and discovering new places. I have always been the one to travel and discover these places but never really thought to discover the one place I’m at most of the time: London! Hence my challenge was born!

Discovering London is my challenge and I hope to do just that, discover the ins & outs of London and beyond. To help me keep track and progress, I am also turning this into a Blog Series, hopefully to inspire you to visit a new place, did you know there was a Japanese Garden right in Kensington? And you can walk among the Dinosaurs in South London?! Even if these kinds of things are not exactly your cup of tea, challenge yourself to try one new experience at least! I have already started going places, follow me on social media to keep up!

For my day out with Angela, we headed to Monument ( click the link for the history of the Monument) and climbed 311 stairs up for views of London (£4.50 for adults and £3 for students). It wasn’t a bright and sunny day but the views were still beautiful nonetheless. Down 311 stairs again and picked up our certificate of achievement (girl you still have mine lol).


Next up Tate Modern. Free entry and amazing art pieces. This picture stood out to me the most because I couldn’t believe how realistic the texture of her hair was lol! Tate modern has a viewing platform so we headed up (this time in an elevator) to panoramic views of London.



Then it was food time! I love soul food and recently heard of the Bayou Camden so we trekked to Camden for the most amazing Buttermilk Chicken, Lobster Mac & Cheese and Cornbread! So good and would definitely go back!


Check out my Facebook page for more pictures! I really hope this series inspires you to do something different! You will be surprised that most of these places are free or extremely cheap to enter!

Until next time


Live like a tourist in your own city!



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