Sephora Lotus Face Mask Review


sephora lotus face mask review

Have you tried sheet masks yet? Although I haven’t tried that many, I fell in love with the Sephora Rose Face Mask when I was in Paris so I decided to try a few more out of the collection. I picked up two more, one been the Sephora Lotus face mask. The Sephora Lotus face mask has moisturising and soothing properties and is supposed to refresh tired looking skin and reduce the signs of strain and fatigue.


So far I have tried two Sephora masks and they are both very well cut to fit the face. The mask stayed in place and didn’t move: no slipping down my face! The holes for the mouth area and eyes were cut nicely too. It smells really nice.

sephora lotus face mask review

I had this mask on for 15 mins and my face felt really soft and moisturised afterwards! My skin felt like I had used a rich cream, almost like my Dermalogica Pure Night Cream so I skipped night cream that day. My face looked brighter too. My skin still felt soft and moisturised the next morning even after washing my face!

I noticed 2 days later, my skin had a lot of texture to it and a few breakouts. I am not sure if it’s due to this mask or the new products I am trying out. If you read my New Beauty Products & Skincare routine post, you will see I am trying out a few new things and a slightly different skincare routine. I suspect it could be the Freedom Glow Tonic, only because it is a very cheap imitation of the Pixi Glow Tonic which I had just run out of or the PreMae Harmony Face Wash which is for Combination/Acne skin or the B.Pure Micellar Oil. My skin type is normal/combo. Either way, I don’t like the Freedom Glow Tonic and the Micellar Oil so far.


The last Sephora Mask I used which was the Rose mask didn’t give me any problems so I am leaning more towards the new products I am trying out #stressoflife, although it could be 50/50. I really liked how effective it was in moisturising my skin.

Sephora Lotus Face Mask is $6 on They ship to the UK!

#sheetmasks yay or nay? Which ones are you into? Let me know!

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