New Beauty Products & Skincare Routine

‘I don’t need new products’ said no woman ever! I love trying new products #productjunkie and I have recently picked up a few new products to try out for the summer and to add to my current skincare routine.

They say you should change your routine according to the seasons but I don’t (laziness is real lol) in fact my routine has stayed the same for a while now because it’s quick, easy and simple for me to do. The last thing on my mind after a long day is to spend more than 30 mins putting on lotions and potions before jumping in bed. My simple routine is makeup removal (evenings), cleanse, tone, (serum/oil sometimes) and moisturiser (day moisturiser with SPF).  I picked up some new products and really looking forward to trying these out. Some of these mean I have an extra step in my routine but I am hoping it will yield good results.

New Beauty Products

Moving on from my B. Pure Micellar wipes, I am now trying the B.Pure Micellar Oil to remove my makeup. I clearly love Micellar technology and have used a whole range of the micellar cleansing water.

new beauty products and skincare routine. b pure micellar oil

I love using sheet masks and I am working on trying a few different brands. I love the TT Charcoal sheet mask but the Crystal Gold Collagen sheet mask was an epic fail. I am now trying out sheet masks from the Sephora Collection. My trip to Paris introduced me to them and I fell in love with it. I got the Lotus and Pearl masks to try out and the Rose Eye patch after the Crystal Gold Collagen Eye Patch failure!


I recently attended the Sip & Share event with Illusions Cosmetics and was gifted the PreMae Harmony Face Wash. I really love the packaging and can’t wait to test it out.

premae harmony facewash. new beauty products and ksincare routine

I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin, especially the size of my pores since I started using acid toners. I run out of my Pixi Glow Tonic and decided to try this one out from Freedom Makeup UK. It’s a pretty close dupe for the Pixi but at a much cheaper price.


Finally, I have been researching water sprays and whether if it’s worth adding to my routine. It’s pretty much fancy water in a can with added minerals. They are supposed to add extra hydration to your skin. I picked up two of the most popular ones (ones I could find reviews on) to see how they work and whether they are worth investing in.  I picked the La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water and the Caudalie Grape Water from FeelUnique.


Current Skincare Routine

My current skin routine is as follows. It is the same for the morning with few tweaks.

skincareIf I am not wearing makeup then I just skip makeup removal in the evening and go straight to cleansing. Sometimes I add a serum/oil in the evening. And I always use the serum on makeup free days (before my day moisturiser) if I am going out. I currently use the Prai Radiant Gemstone Caviar serum and good ole’ coconut oil. Once or twice a week I will do a mask with my Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Mask or Bentonite Clay. At least once a month I do a simple water steam with Spearmint Essential oil.

That’s my skincare routine and new products I will be trying out this summer. Any recommendations for water sprays are welcome. Share your skin care routine with me. Keep your skin happy this summer by adding SPF to your routine!


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