Melvita Rose Beauty Mist Review

melvita rose beauty mist

Who doesn’t want glowy, dewy makeup and radiant looking skin? These are probably the reasons why I am OBESSED with makeup face mists! I have loads, check out my previous post here. I picked up the Melvita Rose Beauty Mist last month and I can finally bring you a review, let’s get into it!

I had never heard of the brand Melvita until this April when I was browsing through the M&S website. I have been searching for a cheaper alternative to the MAC fix plus (my very first face spray and love but MAC insists on increasing their price every year!) Anyway back to the review


It smells really pleasant, subtle not over powering. You get a nice fine mist with it too. I also love the packaging- most of the sprays I own come in a plastic bottle but this comes in a metal bottle which makes it easier to spot in the mist of the others I have. The slender bottle makes it great for travelling.

I love using it to finish my makeup! It takes away that powdery look and leaves a beautiful dewy glow! Not too much to look like I’m sweating though lol. Because it sprays very fine, like an aerosol mist, you get the right amount and it dries pretty quickly too! It doesn’t leave your skin tight, dry or sticky, it’s pretty hydrating. It doesn’t move your makeup! Other mists I have used smudge your eye makeup and even run into your blush but I did not experience that with this!



It’s a good dupe and great face mist to start with! At an excellent price point too! I pretty much love everything about this and would definitely repurchase when it’s finished!

Melvita Rose Beauty Mist is £10 and available from Marks&Spencer I haven’t seen it in stores yet but it definitely online.

I’m still on the hunt for face mists under £10! List your favourite ones below for to me try!

I could sing of your goodness for ever

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