Introducing Afrocks



Hands up if you have ever had a hair stylist come to your house because salon waiting times (even though you swore you booked your appointment!) were stressful and long?! Or been stopped in front of Paks Cosmetics Peckham and been asked ‘you want do your hair?’ by some auntie you never once laid eyes on! Lol

Afrocks is a new platform that plans to take the hassle out of booking your next hair appointment by connecting you with natural hair stylists. The idea is both simple and genius: users can find a fully vetted stylist on the website and book an appointment up to a month in advance for an in house service. Natural hair services will include locs maintenance, box braids, corn rows etc!  Freelance hairdressers can also benefit from a free account which will allow them to increase their bookings.

I was really excited about this idea when Herve (one of the founders) contacted me and explained the idea to me! I can see how successful it will be already: the website is very easy to navigate and more importantly you can pay for your service online! And finally the stylist comes to you! No aunties doing your hair etc lol! A professional stylist in your own home! Many of us have to go to the braiders/stylists ( aka in most cases church auntie) house to get our hair done but never a professional coming to your house!

The website is currently serving London alone but they plan to expand this soon to major UK and Ireland cities. The website is live but you can’t book stylists/services just yet. But all the information and more can be seen on there!  I can’t wait for it to go live so I can use the platform.

For more information on the platform or any hairdressers/stylists wanting to sign up, please visit the Afrocks website Make sure you sign up to get notified when they fully launch!




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