ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment

aphogee protein treetn

Protein treatments, your hair needs a protein treatment. I need a protein treatment etc etc. everybody talks about how much they benefited from a protein treatment but never why they did it.

In the simplest of explanation, your hair is mostly made of protein and from time to time (especially before a harsh treatment) you will need to ‘top up the protein’ to strengthen it.

But I deep condition every wash day!

Whilst that is good, you need to find a balance of protein and moisture treatments for optimal hair health. If you are experiencing excessive breakage/ shedding or dryness, it may be an indication you need a protein treatment. Protein treatments are quite risky to do at home, especially if you are a 1st timer, a simple mistake can have dire results so I will always recommend you go to a professional for it. However if you are confident you can do it, ApHogee has the two step protein treatment which has excellent benefit for all hair types!

The ApHogee Two Step is a hardcore protein treatment and is only recommended every 6- 8 weeks and to be done by a professional. It is specially formulated to work with heat to infuse protein into the hair and reduce breakage. I have been using this since January, once every 8 weeks or more and I have noticed my hair health improve a lot. My hair wasn’t in bad shape but this has taken it to the next level.

I was very nervous when I first bought it, I watched countless of videos and read the instructions many times because I did not want to mess it up. It’s also worth mentioning that after a hardcore protein treatment like this, it is important to balance it with a moisture treatment (protein makes your hair slightly hard) and the second step in this process is the balancing moisture conditioner. I have a lot of moisture conditioners but I wanted to make sure I use products that have been formulated to work to together ( they make a huge difference in the end result) especially with this protein treatment so I bought the matching conditioner and a shampoo too( I recommend you do too, most shops sell the treatment in a pack anyways, I got everything for £17.99 I think).


The instructions are quite easy to follow, just make sure you run everything through in your head lol before you do and watch countless of videos. I always part my hair and apply the protein step by step and gently comb it though. You are to shake well (makes it frothy) and apply. I pour mine in a spray bottle which makes it easier, its still a messy process and not the most pleasant smell.

aphogee protein treatment

After this, you use heat to ‘activate it’, I use my blow-dryer until all the protein is dried and my hair is rock hard (I DO NOT manipulate the hair in anyway!). Then completely rinse and add the balancing conditioner, then rinse. Whilst my hair doesn’t feel really soft after the treatment, I notice my hair feels stronger and shedding/breaking is reduced. I have also noticed my hair is retaining length and thickness a lot more.

I only do this once a while, a more appropriate treatment for weekly use will be their Keratin Treatment, which I will talk about in another post.

I will definitely recommend the ApHogee 2 Step Protein Treatment if you want to do a protein treatment at home but if you are not sure please visit the salon.

You can get a pack with the Protein treatment, Balancing Moisturiser and Deep Moisture Shampoo for £21.95 on Amazon. This will last you a while since you’re only using it once a while.

Have you benefited forma protein treatment? Let me know!




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