Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral BioPlasma Mud Mask Review

dr organic dead sea mineral bioplasma mud mask

Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask, what a mouth full! I have been using this mask for the last month and I can finally bring my review to you guys on it! I received this in my February You Beauty Box (Read my review and the other products I got).

Let’s talk about the details of this product. It is free from a lot of chemicals including parabens, SLS, fragrances and harsh preservatives. It also contains a LOT of bioactive natural and organic ingredients like oils e.g. spearmint, wild mint, bitter orange leaf etc, it also has dead sea mineral salt, aloe vera leaf juice and kelp extract. It has clinically tested bioplasma- arginine ferulate. Basically a bunch of really good ingredients. The texture is smooth and smells a bit medicinal to me. It comes in a standard size of 100 ml.

It also says it stimulates new cell regeneration, removes excess oils and impurities whilst penetrating deep into the pores of the epidermis. It has anti-aging and rejuvenating benefits. They recommend you use it twice weekly.


I didn’t exactly know how the bioactive ingredients would work until I actually used it. After cleansing my face, I apply a thin layer and leave that on for 10 mins. I noticed each time I used it, I felt a slight sensation on my skin. I could actually feel it working. As the mask dries this sensation goes away which was how I knew it was time to wash it off (it doesn’t say this on the pack btw)

After washing it off, my skin feels slightly tender, just slightly but it also feels soft and smooth and my pores appear greatly reduced. My skin doesn’t feel dry or tight afterwards either. (I have normal to combination skin).

Verdict– it’s really bio active and does what it says on the tin! The sensation I feel lets me know its working and the combination of ingredients is really good for the skin. All masks are good but mud masks are great for the skin, it detoxifies and draws out all the toxins and impurities leaving your skin refreshed and clean. I definitely recommend incorporating mud into your skincare regime. This one is great because it’s organic and free from nasties. The mask is NOT tested on animals and suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Dr. Organic Dead Sea Mineral Bio-Plasma Mud Mask is priced at £8.99 and available from Holland & Barret.

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