John Frieda Root Blur Concealer




Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! Raise your hand if you are about that lace closure/ lace frontal wigs life? Because these are the people I want to speak to today.

So I have been seeing commercials regarding this recent product from John Frieda a lot recently, John Frieda Root Blur Concealer. A good description of how it works can be seen below


The concept of the concealer is to blend your roots to your hair so that it looks more natural right? The concept also looked similar to and reminded me of this


And this


This too


The videos show how to blend your lace closures around your hairline and scalp for a flawless and natural look. If you are about that wig life, you KNOW about this trick! Some people use foundation (me), concealers, powders or eyeshadow.

The John Frieda Root Blur Concealer is available in 4 shades and is priced at £14.99 at Boots. Cheaper than your average MAC or high end concealer which a lot of people use, although I am not sure of if the darkest shade is suitable for blending black/darker hair colours.

Thoughts? Will you keep using your trusty concealer or will you be giving Root Blur a try? In the words of Tamar Braxton, did they TRY it? lol


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