Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish Review

naturally radiant brightening mirco polish


A lot of stores nowadays have their own product lines ( Did you know NewLook has a full makeup line? Yes, read about it here) so its no surprise Superdrug has invested in it’s own skincare line ( they have a makeup line too). I picked up the Naturally Radiant Brightening Micro Polish a while back and I am finally bringing you a review. Let’s go

The polish is supposed to awaken your natural glow, refine and smooth your skin. The main ingredients are Kiwi Fruit and Mulberry extract which is supposed to revive and even out the skin tone. It also has Blueberry seeds and Fruit acids for exfoliation.

What I think

It smells really good and will give a gentle lather but for a polish I am really disappointed with it. I thought it would be more ‘gritty’ as a polish and also because it claims to have exfoliating properties. It’s very mild to me, almost like a face wash. I found my Garnier Pure Active (review) to have more exfoliating beads than this and that’s just a wash.

The reason it took me a while to do this review ( I picked this up in August last year) is I simply do not reach for it as much. I have used it on and off till now and I am yet to see my skin’s glow awakened from this lol. Its ok as a wash, my face feels cleansed afterwards but I haven’t really experienced any of its claims yet.

For anyone interested, it’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. It’s not suitable for sensitive skin types.

Verdict- it’s an ok wash, slightly disappointed with it however. I was looking for something like the Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion but this is nothing like that! You can pick it up if you want a cheap and cheerful face wash. It’s almost always on offer in Superdrug which is when I got mine ( it’s currently on offer, buy one get one free)

Priced at £4.99 from Superdrug

Let me know your fav face washes

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