Real Techniques Brush Cleanser Review



Real Techniques brushes are the bomb, (that buffer brush tho *insert heart faced emoji*) they are affordable and really good quality! Had them for 3 years and not a single hair has shed! Anyway this post isn’t about that.  Real Techniques have recently released their new Real Techniques Brush Cleanser which I was able to get my hands on in my You Beauty February box! Read a review on it here

I got two sample sachets but it was enough to get a good grasp of the product. I just have to say I thought I would use the two sachets in one go but boy was I wrong lol. I used each sachet 7ml for 13 brushes in one wash and 17 brushes on the other wash excluding sponges!  I used this in conjunction with my facial cleansing pad from Primark. I say this to say a little goes a long way. I used about half of a sachet to make a small amount of soapy water to pre-soak my brushes upside down for a while then wash them by swirling it on the pad whilst the others soak. It’s really effective on the brushes, after one wash I can see all if not most of the brown makeup lol go (you know when you use a white makeup brush and it goes brown because of all the makeup build-up then you wash it and its restored lol that feeling is super-duper lol clearly I’m too happy because it’s April which means it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH, anyway back to the review)


It also smells really good! But I actually like that it doesn’t linger when the brushes dry. It works excellent with the facial pad too, I usually wash my brushes in my palm but I found it didn’t really help with getting the makeup out, nothing is more annoying than rinsing out the soap from the brush and realising there is still makeup in the brush because you haven’t deep cleaned it enough. Using the pad and the cleanser really helped prevent that. Although I didn’t have enough to really clean my sponges, I was still able to get it about 40% clean when I used a little cleanser on it. I definitely wish I had more for a thorough wash of my sponges though.

Verdict- I really like this! It’s really effective on brushes and gets the job done. I normally use African Black soap to wash my brushes but I wouldn’t mind this too.

Real Techniques Brush Cleanser is priced at £6.99 on Superdrug




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