Cailyn Makeup Perfecting Primer Review

cailyn makeup perfecting primer


Hey guys, I hope everyone is well! Happy new month! Birthday month!!! Whoopppp.  It’s been such a long time I blogged, I took a break because I wasn’t feeling well but now I am feeling much better and almost fully recovered! To kick things off again, we will be talking about the Cailyn Makeup Perfecting Primer I received in the February MyChocobelle Box, to read the full review and the other goodies in the box click here. I have been testing out the primer ever since and I can now bring you a full review on it.

So the primer claims to give a flawless and silky finish to your makeup. It says it will fill in fine lines, pores and wrinkles for instant smoothness and allow makeup to easily glide over your skin.  It also contains Vitamin E which enhances your natural glow and keeps your skin hydrated.

It’s a clear light weight formula and the scent kinda reminds me of pen ink lol.  It feels a bit silky too. This primer didn’t really make a huge difference to my makeup. I was really disappointed because it makes really big claims right? It is light weight as it claims but I found it didn’t do nothing for my pores or fine lines. It does give a slight glow to the skin but I also find I had to wait a bit for it to ‘dry’ if you know what I mean. It terms of helping my makeup stay a bit longer, I didn’t notice any difference.  It doesn’t claim to mattify so I did get my usual slightly oily t-zone after a while of wearing my makeup.

My verdict is- it’s ok, it didn’t impress me and when I checked the price to me it’s not worth that much. It’s very comparable to the GOSH Velvet Touch Cream Primer (£13.99) which I totally love and is available for less! Check out a review on it in my Makeup Primers 101 post. If you aren’t totally sold on whether you should use primer or not, that post is for you too!

Cailyn Makeup Perfecting Primer is priced at £25.50

Let me know which primers are your favourite!

Keep an eye out for my Birthday Giveaway which will be AMAZINGGGG lol


Sarah xx

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