Unboxing: Garnier Ultimate Blends Exclusive Beauty Blogger Pack


Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing great! This post will be all about the exclusive goodies I won in the Garnier Ultimate Blends Beauty Blogger Competition! They ran the competition back in February (I think) and it was basically aimed for bloggers or aspiring bloggers, winners would receive a surprise box full of goodies which will help them with their blogs. If you are going to be a hair/beauty/food or whatever you fancy blogger, you are going to need something to write about right? Well the competition aimed to provide goodies for just that!

Anyway I totally forgot about this till I got an email saying I was one of the winners! Yay! And should expect my pack soon. I have been in recovery mode so I was so EXCITED when I received it! Even the box is so pretty! Anyway let’s dive into what I got

I got the Garnier Ultimate Blends Mystic Olive Collection which has been aimed for dry, brittle hair. I have 4c natural textured hair which needs all the moisture it can get so I am super excited to try these out and bring you a review! They smell really good too!

hair stuf

I also got a bunch of props for pictures, because we all know blogging and pictures go hand in hand.  I got some really cute stickers, fairy lights, a cute absolutely fabulous plate and the positive vibes sign.  It looks super cute when the lights are on right?


Included in the pack was a candle (because it’s just one of the requirements for blogging nowadays and it smells nice btw) and a really useful phone stand which holds your phone whilst you record!


I am really happy with the pack and can’t wait to start using everything! I am building a little ‘photograph studio/booth’ in my room and can’t wait to use the props for decoration!

Thank you Garnier!

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