Makeup from NewLook?!


Would you get your next highlighter from Primark? Or that Spring ready nail colour from NewLook? Lately I have been noticing more and more fashion retailers propping up beauty counters by the tills or dedicating a whole section for skincare. I’m not sure when or who started the trend and I have always paid no attention because 1. I came here for some shoes and 2. I thought what could they possibly know about makeup, it’s just another gimmick to taking our money (And it always helped they didn’t have the right shades for my skintone anyway), until recently a chance encounter lead me to give makeup from the fashion retailer a go.

A couple of months back, I was searching for a matte top coat and bought one from Elegant Nails for £6.95. I was very disappointed by it, it wasn’t as matte as I would like and pretty pissed I spent 7 pounds on it! So I decided to look for another brand but cheaper in case it didn’t work too. I walked into NewLook and saw their Pure Colour Matte top coat for £2.99 and decided to give it a try. I also bought one of their matte nail colours. I LOVED the results, its super matte and fast drying and doesn’t chip or crack! I couldn’t believe NewLook, a fashion retailer got it right vs a brand that caters to nails.


In January I was gifted some more beauty products from TopShop and Primark in my Blogger Box Swap. They are actually really good. The lipstick from TopShop is a dupe for Mac’s Mehr and the eyeshadow is beautiful! The brow gel is a bit too dark for me but it’s really good at holding the hairs in place.


Now I am also hearing a lot of buzz about Primark’s beauty and apparently they have a good range of shades. People like it and the price point? From £1. I used to love and still do, Primark False Eyelashes, the glue it comes with is very good! The last time I went to H&M in Oxford Street they had a beautiful makeup display and I was so tempted to get something. So what do you guys think? Will you be trying any new makeup from Primark? Or the next time you pop in TopShop? Marks & Spencer have even partnered with Rosie Huntington-Whitley for their Autograph makeup range. The only store I haven’t seen with their own brand of makeup yet is River Island but I’m sure they are in the making, they have perfume though. Next also has a pretty makeup line ranging from nails to lips and eye shadows and brushes but I didn’t see foundations in sight. I walked around my local shopping center, Croydon to take some pictures. The H&M didn’t have a display and Primark’s display wasn’t a pretty sight lol.






If you have any makeup from a Fashion Retailer, let me know below!


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