NEW! NIVEA Caring Micellar Water Review

new nivea caring micellar water


It’s no surprise I am obsessed with micellar water ( I have a whole post dedicated to it, read it here). If you take a look through my REVIEW INDEX there are a few reviews on there! I have tried many brands so far: Garnier, Simple, L’Oréal and now Nivea. I even have Micellar face wipes

I picked up this product in Superdrug a while back and I have been testing it out ever since. This particular one is for normal skin types but I remember seeing one for sensitive and dry skin types too. It says it’s a 3 in 1 care cleanser for face and eyes and comes with Vitamin E. The description on the bottle says

  1. It removes eye makeup gently without rubbing and cares for beautiful eyelashes
  2. Cleanses deeply and effectively removes makeup
  3. Moisturisers and leaves skin feeling cared for. Skin feel refreshed and looks healthy and beautiful

It’s perfume free

What did I find?

The NIVEA Caring Micellar water is probably the best I have used when it comes removing eye makeup! It’s really easy and effortless. I usually let the cotton pad sit on my closed eyes for a few seconds and swipe! And in one swipe a lot comes off, I should add I usually use 2 mascaras or a primer + a mascara, in total I will have about 4 coats on. It also really leaves your skin soft and refreshed. My skin doesn’t feel dry at all.

I basically love everything about this! The size is my only problem lol but it seems 200ml is the standard size anyway.

I actually prefer this over the Simple Micellar water and the Garnier

I hope you check it out, its on sale for £1.99 RRP £3.99 from Boots

Which products do you use to take off your make up?


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