Cocoa Swatches

cocoa swatches


Cocoa Swatches, I recently read about it on Seventeen and I just had to share the news! The app allows you to see makeup swatches on different skin tones especially on WOC (women of colour!). I think this is great! It’s no secret WOC spend a lot of money on cosmetics however companies still decide to show swatches on fairer/lighter skin tones, ermm ok then! Which makes it harder for us to judge how the colour will look on us. If I can’t swatch a product in store, I result to blogs/YT to find swatches to judge how it looks and if I can’t find any at all, I simply will not buy it!

It was created by beauty blogger Ofunne Amaka who said  ‘After a number of disappointing purchases, where I ultimately guessed completely wrong about how a product would look on me, I thought to myself, I wish there was a resource that allowed me to see swatches of the latest makeup products on darker complexions’

The app also has extra features like reviews, tips and tricks! I’m really excited about this app! And WOC shedding light on the issue! It’s not rocket science: we need to see swatches on our skin tones too PERIOD!

It’s free to download guys! And available on Apple and Android phones, I need to download it soon and bring you guys a review( I’m switching phones soon so holding off till I do) in the meantime follow them on Instagram


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