Argan Dew Review

Hey guys! I hope everyone is well!

Argan Dew sent me the Argan Oil Replenishing Hair Mask and the Miraculous Hair Oil for review and I am here to share my 100% honest opinion. For more info on the brand, please check out my previous post here

argan de

Let’s get started!

I deep conditioned with the Argan Oil Replenishing Hair Mask last wash day. First off, I noticed it has a nice and pleasant smell which I very much appreciate and has a medium to thick consistency and the texture is quite different to other conditioners I have used.argan dew




It provides some slip, but I will say to really saturate your hair with it if you want to comb it. I had a limited amount so I couldn’t saturate my hair as much as I wanted to but I was still able to comb through with minimum tugging/pulling/shedding. I LOVED the results. My hair was dry for this wash day so I really needed something to put moisture back into my hair and this, this did it! You know when your hair clumps (for me at least) it’s in a good state, I got that with this. I left it on for roughly 10-15 minutes with a plastic bag.




After rinsing the mask out, I used the Miraculous Oil to seal all the moisture in. I used it without a leave in conditioner to test it out and again fabulous results! Again really nice smell, mediumish consistency and very silky feel. My hair loved it! Easily absorbed so it doesn’t sit on top of your hair, made my hair soft and silky! These two products together are AMAZING!

Verdict I love argan oil, its only hair oil I used regularly for my hair and I have used a LOT of different brands, but with this I could feel the quality. I just used the mask an oil, I can’t imagine how good my hair will if I used everything in the line. They are really high quality products! I TOTALLY recommend this, especially for dry thirsty hair! My hair was feeling some sort of way! I was totally feeling myself lol

I am very impressed with Argan Dew, the lady I was speaking with Annabelle is really nice, replied to all my emails in a timely manner, and they are based in Israel y’all! And sent the products quickly too. I also really like the packaging, logo, colours: I think I am ready to be their brand ambassador lol

You have to check them out! They ship to the UK and worldwide! Visit them via the link below

Argan Dew

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