Konjac Sponge Review

konjac spongeKonjac sponges make big claims: gentle on the skin, gentle exfoliation, deep cleansing and many more! I hadn’t heard of them until I received it in my Chocobelle box and I have been testing out since then! I love trying new products so I put it to the test straight away.

The sponges are HARD when you 1st received them but become soft once they get in contact with water. They go slightly hard when dry but not as much as when you 1st get them. You can use them with/without a cleanser, both ways promising a gentle cleansing and effective experience. I have used it almost every day since I got it and I must say it is very GENTLE on the skin however I do not like them.

First of all I prefer the feel of ‘scrubbing’ myself clean(Hola if you’re from Ghana or you know about them African bathing sponges LOL) so this been very soft and gentle on my face felt weird ( I usually use a face brush to wash my face, see it in my current beauty favourites). I also used it without a cleanser and I just felt like I was passing a wet sponge over my face. In terms of my complexion, I haven’t noticed any difference at all. I mean it gets the job done, I prefer to use it with a cleanser which is my African Black Soap but I am no realllyyyy impressed by it.

I think this will be perfect for sensitive skin types or people who do not like the feel of a face brush. I really wanted to like this however I just don’t. I will carry on using it for a while to see if it changes my mind but for now I don’t like it because of how gentle it is lol (Is that weird?)

You can purchase the for £8.99 at Cult Beauty

Do you guys use Konjac sponges? Let me know!

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