Sarah Fynn X Shea Butter Cottage

Hey wonderful people, I hope you are well! My long awaited collab with Akua Wood from Shea Butter Cottage is finally ready! Thank you to Akua Wood for leaving her warm home to do my interview lol and to Taylor of CJAJ09 for providing the beautiful clothes for our photoshoot!

I contacted Akua last month regarding a collab idea I had. My vision was to talk to her about her journey with her business and what she has learnt, finally talking through some of her best sellers and a photoshoot at the end! We shot the video in her store in Reading and I love the way it turned out! (P.S- I was a bit nervous lol so I was talking fast, forgive me).



Link to Shea Butter Documentary

Shea nut and Root for colouring



Picture gallery




Giveaway Time!

sbcxsarah fynn giveaway

Akua is giving one lucky person a chance to win some of her favourites and best sellers! All you have to do is go on my Instagram (@sarahfynn) and like the giveaway picture ( will be up from 12 midday) and comment done! Giveaway will be open till the 20th and I will announce the winner on the 21st! Good luck Terms- only open to UK residents. (Unfortunately Akua can’t add the Shea Body Scrub to the giveaway L but no worries, I will throw in an extra surprise! – You will receive two packages, one from Akua and one from meJ)

I want to thank Akua Wood for the opportunity and taking part in my interview series! Take a look at all the goodies she stocks online (She ships worldwide! SheaButterCottage) Medasi! Huge thanks to Taylor for providing the clothes for the shoot, visit her website for more African Print Realness- Ankara House and to Peter from the Ordinary Amazing for the video and photos!



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