Dr Dennis Gross Peels Review

dr dennis gross alpha beta peels


Chemical peels have great benefits for the skin but darker skin tones are always advised to proceed with caution. Then there is the 7+ days you spend at home whilst your skin peels to reveal the ‘newer’ skin. Want to skip all of that? I tried out the famous Dr Dennis Gross alpha beta peels and I am here for the low down!

I received this pack in my QVC good bag months ago but never paid any attention to it (I had never heard of the brand then, I know, smh) I was playing in my products one day (ok who else does this? Randomly re arrange your products lol or play around to see what you got? Just me, kl) and came across this and decided to use it and I am so glad I did!


Each treatment comes with two sachets:

Step 1 surface refiner

Step 2 deeper treatment

You are to use them together, waiting two mins after the 1st step. You do not rinse your face or use products containing alcohol afterwards. You are also advised to use sunscreen after use.

It’s suitable for daily use, but I used it every 2 weeks just to give my skin breathing space. This is the extra strength formula and I do feel a very light tingling sensation when I use it (after step1). It has a slightly strong smell but nothing too overpowering. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or feeling tight- I have normal to combination skin.

I like it! After the 1st treatment, I noticed my pores were smaller and my skin looker brighter. My hyperpigmentation spots looks slightly lighter. I think I will have to purchase the full pack because I would like to continue with this!


I love this! Much cheaper and quicker than your traditional chemical peel and suitable for most skin types. There is literally 0 ‘peels’ and no recovery time. This at home treatment is very effective!

You can get a 5 pack treatment from Cult Beauty for £15.

Do you use any at home chemical peels?

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