Crown Pride Naturals Review



Hey loves, I hope everyone is doing great so far in the New Year! Last year, I featured Crown Pride Naturals in my product collection series for natural hair (To check that that post and their full collection, click here)

They sent me a few products to review, which I have been using over the last month and I’m here for a full and honest review, let’s get started!

They sent me the

  1. Olive Conditioning Shampoo
  2. Avocado Detangling Conditioner
  3. Tucuma Curl Moisture Mask
  4. Curl Twist-Out Buttercream


I think it’s the latest addition to the family (I’m not sure) but it’s very good! I really like the smell, it has a pleasant smell and lathers quite well. I had to use a good amount to get suds (its sulfate free) but cleanses well and leaves your hair really soft. It’s also made with certified organic ingredients.


I was really excited to try the Avocado Detangling Conditioner, I had read good reviews on it. It has a good amount of slip which makes it easy to detangle with. It’s a good daily conditioner but I will recommend you follow up with a deep treatment/conditioner. Although it left my hair soft, I wanted more softness lol. Also I am not a fan of the smell! It has almost no scent to something unpleasant.

Detangling with the Avocado Detangling Conditioner



The Tucuma Curl Moisture Mask has a thick consistency and a sweet vanilla smell. As you work it in the hair, it melts into your hair and provides some slip. This again maybe a new formulation as I also read that it didn’t provide much slip and I think they previously sold it in pump bottles. Mine came in a tub and provided enough slip to detangle with. I deep conditioned with heat and my hair came out really soft- yasssss


Curl Twist out buttercream

Look at that definition!


deini 2

I love this buttercream so much! It has a sweet vanilla ice cream scent lol and a medium thick consistency. It’s free from PVP, acrylates and plastics. It doesn’t leave your hair oily and weighed down. It gave me amazing definition and my hair felt soft and moisturized as well. I have used other curl creams that have left my hair looking hair and thirsty lol but not this one! The only thing is I wish it was in a pump bottle or tub for easy application. I total forgot to take a picture after fluffing out my hair but I went for an afro look. I really liked the definition and soft hold it gave my hair- and I have 4c hair!  And no flakes! No FLAKES!

Verdict– I definitely recommend Crown Pride Naturals! It’s an excellent British brand with great quality products! They’re products are made with certified organic ingredients and they work really well. Visit their website for more information or to make a purchase

Crown Pride Naturals

To read the reviews I read or to make a purchase check out British Curlies

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