Best & Worst Products 2015: Beauty


2015 is quickly coming to an end! Eek! I thought it would be fun to review some of my best and worst products of 2015! After all, it’s been the best blogging year to date and I tried lots of new products and brands. Some of the categories are funny lol but they are so relatable, I mean how many of us have fallen for the hype of a product? Exactly lol!

This will be in two parts so the post is short and sweet (After all, you have to read your outfits ready for NYE).

Best Product-  Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist and MakeUp Forever Ultra HD Foundation!


Not only do these two work perfectly together but the foundation is so light on the light it’s almost as if you are wearing no makeup at all!


Worst Product- Simple Revitalising Eye Roll on


I love the Simple Brand but this eye roll on did nothing for me! Its supposed to reduce bags, dark circles etc and I suffer from them quite badly and it made no difference at all.

I fell for the hype and it was worth it- L.A Girl Pro Concealer and Corrector


I try to stay away from buying hyped up products but I was looking for a cheap and cheerful concealer and decided to give this ago! Yh its totally worth it! I even have a back up on deck smh

I fell for the hype but it was okish- L’Oreal Miss Manga Mascara


To me this wasn’t worth the hype. I do not like the flexible wand at all and I find it picks up way too much product and makes my lashes look clumpy. It’s an ok mascara but I don’t get the hype about it

Best new brand I tried- Bagsy Beauty


I love everything about this brand, its British and they have really cute packaging. The colours are really pigmented too.

Brand I have been stalking for a while and finally got something from it- NYX Cosmetics


Seriously, I have known about NYX for a while but their website is always, ALWAYS out of stock! I found out you can get some of their products on Boots and went straight for the kill. Anyway, I am prepping myself to get some more lol

Other favourite brands that didn’t make the list are





What have you guys been loving this 2015? Which products have you regretted buying? Remember you can find most of the reviews for these products on here, look through my product index for links

Happy New Year people! New Year new blessing and hopefully new products to try!

Watch out for part 2- for the best and worst hair products of 2015!



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