Pre-poo Treatments

pre poo treatments

Every naturalista knows a pre poo treatment is a must on wash day, especially if you are going to use a sulfate containing shampoo. Pre poo treatments have many benefits but we can all agree the number benefit is the fact that it protects our hair from drying out during the shampoo process.

There are lots of pre poo treatments readily available and lots of DIY cocktails to experiment with, the choice really depends on what you fancy and how much time you have


Probably the easily and well used pre poo treatment there is and lots of DIY cocktails to try out. You can simply apply your oil of choice and go to shampooing straight away or apply and leave it in for a while with a cap then shampoo. Hot oil treatments are another popular option, heating the oils helps them penetrate deeper into your hair.

Try these suggestions

Sunny Isle jbco, Kora Naturals shea hair oil, OGX argan oil of morocco, holland and barrett coconut oil

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Rosemary, £11.99 on BritishCurlies

OGX Hydrate and Repair Argan Oil of Morocco Miracle in- Shower oil, £8.35 on Boots

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Kora Naturals Shea Hair Oil, £6.50 on Kora Naturals

Holland and Barrett Coconut Oil, £15.49 on Holland and Barrett


Love shea shea butter, keylime pie, shetai natural hair butter

I also like to pre poo with shea butter. These provide intense nourishment and make hair really soft. I typically leave the butter on overnight when I feel my hair really needs it.

Motions Pre-wash detangling butter £4.69 on Paks Cosmetics

Love Shea Shea  Butter in Keylime Pie and Bakewell Tart, £5.00 on LoveShea

Shetai Natural Hair Butter, £4.50 on Shetai


Another popular choice for pre poo is conditioners. This is also called reverse shampooing where you deep condition before you shampoo and skip deep conditioning afterwards or lightly condition after. Be sure to use a gentle shampoo so as to retain the conditioning benefits. You can use any type of conditioners from rinse out conditioners to hair masks.  My favourite was TREsemme moisture rich conditioner, £4.99 on Superdrug

I used to use this method for a while but at the moment, I am experimenting with new wash day routines. You can use your favourite conditioner for this.

I found these two DIY hot oil treatments you can experiment with! Of course feel free to do more research and get more videos!


You can get reviews on most of these products on my blog! Check the product directory for them. xx

What do you use to pre poo?

Countdown to Christmas!

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