Wash Day Ft Dark and Lovely Alma Legend

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Collection

You will find an introduction to Alma Legend in my previous post. I have been using these products for a while now and I am totally loving the results. In addition to reviewing the products, I will also let you guys in on my simple wash day routine. Let’s get started

I always try to do a pre poo treatment, especially when its shampoo day. I started with my jbco mix as a hot oil treatment then proceeded to shampoo with the Alma Legend Oil Refill Wash 3 in 1 Shampoo. It claims to neutralize, cleanse and re fill hair. Apart from smelling amazing (all the products do) and looking like mango juice (which I love lol) it works really well. It lathers easily (it contains sulfates) but it really makes my hair soft. I feel like I could get away without using a conditioner afterwards.

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend 3 in 1 Shampoo

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend 3 in 1 Shampoo

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Shampoo

After shampooing












I wash my hair in 6-8 sections. On the first wash, I concentrate the shampoo on the scalp only, using gentle pressure and circular motions then rinse. On the second wash, I apply the shampoo on my scalp again and use the foam to wash each individual section and re twist. I always wash and keep my hair in twists- this prevents excessive matting and tangling!

Following shampoo, I go straight to deep conditioning. The Alma Legend Replenishing Mask has a medium thick consistency. It makes my hair really soft, like butter almost lol. It hasn’t got a lot of slip so I did have to use a bit to make sure I could detangle easily and pass the comb through the hair. I really like this mask, my only issue is the size, its only 250ml!

Dark and Lovely Hair Mask


Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Hair Mask

Then after deep conditioning and rinsing out, I will then do an ACV rinse (sometimes) then let my hair rest for a bit before adding my leave in and oils. Then I will either thread or flat twist my hair to stretch it out for the coming week

During the week, I swapped my usual jbco scalp oil for the Alma Legend Billion Hair Potion. It claims to help hair look fuller and feel thicker. It says it’s a serum but it looks watery to me (what’s a serum consistency like? Lol) I haven’t noticed any results yet, I only started using this one but I will come back for a full review after I finish the bottle. I will also bring you a review of the hair lotion then

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Billion Hair Potion

I totally didn’t plan to match my nails to my hair products lol!

Verdict- I love the range! Everything smells great and I am such a huge fan of nice smelling products (who isn’t) I think the range is aimed at relaxed hair so the full collection has a relaxer but it doesn’t mean naturals can’t use other products. I have thick 4c hair and it loved it! I will definitely recommend it.

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend 3 in 1 Shampoo, £4.69/250ml

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Replenishing Hair Mask £4.49/250ml

Dark and Lovely Alma Legend Billion Hair Potion Scalp Serum £5.39/100ml

Can be purchased from PaulsHairWorld

Do you still use products for relaxed hair? Or just natural hair products? Let me know!

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