Revlon Professional Review

Revlon Professional Keratin Shampoo and Balm. Uniq 1 Coconut Hair Treatment

Revlon Professional Keratin Shampoo and Balm. Uniq 1 Coconut Hair Treatment

Winter always plays havoc on my hair, my already prone to everything 4c hair becomes extra dry, sheds and breaks more. I have never been a fan of doing protein treatments at home so in a bid to strengthen my hair before the trip to the salon, I use keratin (protein’s ‘little’ sister) to strengthen my hair and reduce excessive shedding and breakage.

I got these Revlon Professional products some months back at an event and I decided to put them to use and save on buying more products. Both the shampoo and the balm have the HYDRA CAPTURE system which moisturises the hair and reinforces its structure making it soft and giving it shine.

The shampoo has an ok smell and lathers really well (it contains sulfates), I only had to use a little for a rich foam. It cleansed my hair and scalp without drying it out. I then detangled with the Keratin Balm which has a runny consistency giving it some slip. I covered my hair with cling film and deep conditioned using heat (my hooded blow dryer attachment) for 20 minutes and washed out.

Revlon Keratin Balm on natural hair

Detangling with Revlon Keratin Balm


Ebay hood attachment

Marrgeee Simpson lol, deep conditioning with my hood attachment I got from ebay





















































After deep conditioning, I noticed my hair didn’t necessarily feel soft but stronger and healthier afterwards. I have had almost no shedding at all.

The Coconut Hair Treatment boasts of 10 real benefits: repair for dry and damaged hair, shine and frizz control, heat protection, silkiness and smoothness, hair colour protection with UVA and UVB filters, easier brushing and ironing, incredible detangling, long lasting hairstyle, split ends prevention and adds body

It has a strong coconut smell and sprays a liquidy lotion consistency. I didn’t really feel any benefits from using it on my hair but it did work wonders on my wig: it made it soft and silky.

Verdict- I think I would purchase the balm again as it’s the product I enjoyed using the most and got some real benefit from. The shampoo is not bad either.

Revlon Interactives Keratin Shampoo 250ml is priced at £11.45

Revlon Interactives Keratin Balm 150ml, £11.45

Revlon UNIQ ONE 10-in-1 COCONUT Fragrance Hair Treatment 150ml New Limited Edition, £8.07

Can be purchased from Amazon

Which professional brands do you like using?

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