Kora Naturals Review

Kora Naturals hair care products, Luscious lock shea hair buter dry hair and scalp treatment balm and shea hair oil

Kora Naturals hair care products

Kora Naturals is UK based brand offering quality natural hair products as well as skincare products. For a full product list, read my previous post on them here. They sent me 3 of their hair care products to review

Luscious Locks Shea Hair Butter

Shea Hair Oil

Dry Hair and Scalp Treatment Balm

My fav out of the bunch is the Shea Hair Oil- I can use it as a hot oil treatment or a daily oil to lock in moisture especially in this season! It’s also great to use both on wet or dry hair and impacts some shine and is easily absorbed which I like. I have also used it with the hair butter and it really softens my hair. The butter is great to use as an everyday moisturiser especially if you want something that is not water based so your hair doesn’t ‘puff’ up. It has a really fluffy consistency and stays fluffy too! We are now in the colder months and it hasn’t gone hard! Yasss. It melts into an oil as you massage it in your hands quite easily too.

They both have herbal scents owning to the fact that they have essential oils in them. It can be overpowering if you don’t like herbal scents so that’s something to keep in mind.

I must admit I haven’t used much of the Dry Hair and Scalp Treatment Balm because I am not a fan of the smell. It has a strong herbal scent probably because of the neem oil (if you know your oils, you know it has a strong scent). I like sweet smelling products so the neem oil scent put me off although it’s very good for your hair.

Kora Naturals hair products

Kora Naturals Hair butter (white) and treatment balm (yellow)

Verdict- they are really good products right here in the UK! I know a lot of people like natural products so if you don’t mind the herbal smell then it’s definitely up your street!

Luscious Locks Shea Hair Butter is priced at £6.99. Shea Hair Oil and the Dry Hair and Scalp Treatment Balm is £6.50.

Available to purchase on Kora Naturals website

What are your fav UK based hair/skin products? For more UK brands look under the UK brands tab under Natural hair


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