Palmer’s Coconut Formula Co-Wash Review

Palmer's Coconut Cowash

Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Cowash

Hey guys, this will be a review on the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Co-wash. The product is the latest addition to the Coconut Oil family. Want to know more about the whole collection? Click here to read about it and where to purchase in the UK!

Palmer’s describes the product as a non-lathering shampoo alternative and free of sulfates, detergents, lather, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, mineral oil, gluten and dyes! As with all the other products in this collection, the main ingredients are

Pure coconut oil


Vitamin E

They also claim it to be an all in one product that will replace your shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and leave in conditioner!

Main Ingredients in Palmers Coconut Cowash

Main Ingredients

How did it perform?

Very well actually. I really like that it has a pump which makes it so much easier to use. It says to apply directly to your scalp but I applied to my hair as applying co-washes/conditioners to my scalp makes it itch. But it gently cleansed my hair and scalp.

After I applied the Cowash to my hair.

After I applied the Cowash to my hair.



cowashing with the Palmers cowash

Co-washing with the Palmers coconut cowash

It really does make your hair soft! As soon as I applied it, I could feel my hair softening lol and yes you don’t need a conditioner afterwards, but because I am very extra( and my 4c hair needs every moisture it can get) I did lightly condition afterwards. You will get a bit of slip to detangle with but I found adding some water gave me more slip. It has a yoghurt consistency, not too thick or runny and the smell! It smells really good.

After rinsing

After rinsing, my hair felt really soft. ( yes almost every natural washes their hair in sections lol, dont you hate it when you think you have washed out every bit of conditioner thenn you go to apply your leave ins etc and you realise actually you havent!)


4c shrinkage is real! curl definition or nah?? (probably not!)

4c shrinkage! but that one curl is poppppinggg!


This makes me a big fan of co-washing! This is the 2nd one I have used which I really enjoyed using. I think it’s perfect when you want to cleanse your hair you but you don’t have a lot of product build up. It’s a generous size too, 473ml will last you a while especially if you have shorter/finer hair. It’s definitely worth a try!

Want to know all the dees on co-washing? How and why you should add it to your hair regime? Click here to find out more!

This product is available from Feelunique


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