Natural Nights Event Cover

Happy Monday!

Natural Nights

I hope everyone is doing great. Last night I went along with to the 1st Natural Nights Event in Fiddler’s Elbow, North London with Janet from Memoirs of a brave face, make sure you check her out!

I was able to catch up with Belinda, the lovely organiser at the event who was able to take some out time of her busy night (Catch all the interruptions and some cameos lol) for me.

“I think it’s got to a point where people have embraced it (natural hair) and they want to come to together…. It’s important….”

For what she wanted for her night, I think she absolutely smashed it! For me it was very different from all other natural hair events I have been to. It was more intimate almost like networking with great music, drinks and people. The turnout was great, It was actually the 1st event I have been to where I have seen a lot guys present (not that I was looking, lol I was just surprised), we had live music from some talented artists and vendors were on hand to talk about their products and a quick Q&A session.

NuNaat is back with a new range and I caught up again with Claire, brand ambassador for Nunaat. Remember she talked us through the NAAT cream range? If you haven’t tried those you should! I have 3 of them and I love ittt!! Read all my Nunaat reviews under the product directory tab. She spoke to me about the new Brazilian Patauà range, a review of which can be read on my blog by clicking here

Sorry for the background noise, as soon as I started recording someone went on stage to talk and I knew I would not get the chance to do so again

After that, it was just going around and speaking to different people and enjoying the live music. I met a few new people I was able to exchange contacts with. There were a lot of UK brands

It was a great night, good vibes. Congrats to Belinda for her event and looking forward to the next. I think next time lets go for a bigger venue because we will come bigger and better!, This one was quite small and packed. Catch all the pictures on my Facebook page!

Natural Nights Event London

Goody bags at the Natural Nights Event

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