The Intern Diaries: D Day!

Dear Diary

So today was the last day! I think I was a bit emotional because I was feeling down in the 1st part of the day. I started the day per usual, getting on with my tasks and chasing up people. At about 4pm I was asked to take a break for my progress review………….

And it went great! We discussed both the highs and lows and how I could improve for the future. it actually went SO much better than I thought!

And guess what?!

I am staying for an extra week!!!! And after that it depends on whether I would like to carry on or not! I am SO HAPPY lol.

The past 2 weeks have been hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm anyway I have a bunch of things to catch up on so I gotta goo..

This marks the end of my intern diaries. I will not be posting anymore entries as you guys already got the hang of what I do. From here on we will go back to good old hair/beauty posts, and I have a good one coming for you soon! Thank you guys for coming along on this journey with me and I hope this inspired someone to go for internships if they have been thinking about it. It’s really what you put into it that counts and making sure you leave a good impression on them. So it’s not officially your job but if you wow them enough chances are they will either give you a really good reference or they may move things about and offer you the job! Either way go in positive and hopeful!

I have been working at Black Beauty and Hair Magazine for the last two weeks and its set to continue! Oh why, it’s only UK’s no1 bestselling magazine for women of colour. You know, no biggie LOL. Just a small dream of mine coming true. Nothing to write home about. I mean come on LOL



P.S- my nail decorations came and they are CUTE!! Keep an eye out on my Facebook as I will be bombarding you with pictures!

Weekend routine? Wash day, laundry, cook, study and job applications urgh

Smile, Heaven is watching xx

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