The Intern Diaries: Day 9

Dear Diary

Today was manic! It was really busy at work, I kind of understand why it takes a company/business a while to reply or call back a customer, sometimes. There’s a bunch of things to do and different things needing you attention sometimes things can get forgotten.

Anyway, you will never guess what brand is coming out with a hair care line for natural hair! Can’t say so now but it will be exiting once it comes out! See part of the reason why I love this job is getting to know products even before they come out in stores.

Tomorrow is the big one: my review! I welcome any positive or negative feedback I will get so I can work on it for the future. I will make sure to use my waterproof mascara since am such a big baby and cry easily lool.

So yesterday, I did a post on a conservation I overheard between a hairdresser and another man. Check it out by clicking here >>  . Anyway it was just debunking some myths about natural hair. So today we were talking about it and as it turns out they know the hairdresser. They explained to me that he says most of his natural hair clients are coming back and relaxing/texlaxing their hair because they are not quite getting their hair how they like it: in terms of the ‘perfect curl’ or making their hair soft etc. they find they get frustrated and give up hence they go back to relaxing. And it’s expensive because they spend a lot of money searching for products that work for their hair. This got me thinking as usual on the way home.. Watch this space!

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow and of course I will report back to you what happens but for now I am off to eat and sleep!

Fingers crossed

Love Sarah

P.S- I made that salon appointment! As part of my salon series I will be visiting natural hair salons and sharing my experience with you

I was able to get some new products to review: check my Instagram for the latest products and what to watch out for

I ordered some nail decorations, why it isn’t here yet lol! I can’t wait to do my nails ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Be hopeful, tomorrow is a new start! xx


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