The Intern Diaries: Day 7

Dear Diary

Today was busy! Calling, writing, editing, more calls etc. I swear people are hard to get hold off lool. And the weather is coolllldd boy! Winter is finally here, I think we skipped fall. I am probably been dramatic as I get cold very easily.

I have been thinking about new segments for my blog, I hope to get those up and running soon. There’s not much to say, other than I am off to bed and see you tomorrow!

Shame it’s about to end!



P.S- I was able to go to the Post office today! Yay me.

Its time to put away my summer clothing. I was complaining it was too cold meanwhile I am rocking a crop top LOL

I have just seen this YouTuber who spooks Obama. He hilarious. You need to find him and watch him, I forgot his name though lool

Tell me why people do awkward crap lol. The other day, I’m out with my friend shopping and out of nowhere this dude (lol) comes up to me and says hi and offers his hand in the most awkward way ever. I literally looked at him and walked past LOL ( ok maybe that was funnier in my head)

Nyt nyt!

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