The Intern Diaries: Day 5

Dear Diary

It’s the end of week 1!

Happy Friday

Today was another win for me! More work and no re works hmm! I am so pleased! I almost don’t want it to end and would LOVE to carry on working for them

I also secured a few contacts for my future collabs (yay)

Anyway its been a great week, and I am looking forward to next week! I am retiring to bed now



P.S- I finished Americanah, you have to pick it up! Its really good! Starting on this new book the tipping point by Maxwell Gladwell, I love his books!

I didn’t go to the post office today lol

Night night now


Hey guys, so I have an internship at a top UK magazine for the next 2 weeks and I will be documenting the journey in my intern diaries! I won’t reveal where/who I am working for (maybe I will at the end? Or if you can guess lol, a giveaway?). Just know it’s an editorial assistant internship and I am not making tea/coffee lol.

I hope this inspires someone who is thinking of a similar internship to get out there and apply. It can be quite daunting and there is always that ‘Will I just be making drinks and doing the photocopying’ cliché. But internships are great especially if you are thinking of a career change- which I am currently thinking of and want to test drive to see if it’s actually the right path for you plus you’re getting some experience and making contacts. And if you’re amazing enough and they can afford it- your dream job


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