NEW! Dermalogica overnight retinol repair

Hey beauty junkies, I hope everyone is great. This will be a short post of a new product from Dermalogica. I was invited to the launch event of their new overnight retinol repair in London which happened on Wednesday.  I will start off with the event then the product then what services they offer.

I thought it was very cool to have a juice bar (supernatural juice and smoothie bar to go with their whole theme – healthy skin) I never juiced before #juicevirginlol so I had to try one then I went for a second one (Does that count as a detox? Lol). You have to try kale, mango, lemon, ginger and apple (Colour green) OR pineapple, ginger, apple, lemon (Colour yellow).

You could also get your portrait drawn and again I just had to get mine done! I LOVE it! It looks like a cartoon version of me and guys he did it in like 10 mins!

I also got my face mapped! She just diagnosed my skin using a special camera then recommended a skin care regime with samples of what she recommended at the end.

NOW the MVP of the day


The overnight retinol repair is effective for fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin texture. It has 3 main ingredients: 0.5% retinol (Pure vitamin A), vitamin C and peptides.  It also comes with a buffer cream, which contains vitamin E and 8% aloe vera extract which helps to control the concentration of the retinol been applied to the skin.

How to use: they recommend you mix ¼ of the retinol repair to ¾ of the buffer cream and gradually increase as your skin builds tolerance.


Some of the services they offer are

Face mapping (Skin analysis) – a professional consultation that will reveal your skin’s health – FREE

Skin bar- allows you to test your prescribed regime – 15 minutes FREE

microZone treatments- targets the main areas of concern- 20minutes for £20

Visit them at

One New Change London

One New Change shopping center

London, EC4M 9AF

01372 225 537

That’s all folks, it was a great event! Please check my Facebook page for more pictures on the event! I am having some serious space issues with WordPress lol- I need more space! So from now on, most of the pictures will be on my Facebook. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost! It will all be under different albums!

Until next time



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