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Hey guys! So this is the post you have been waiting for (Well I hope!) I posted a few pictures on my Facebook yesterday (That’s why you should like my Facebook page) on this big collab shoot that happened over the summer.

I have been thinking of doing something like this for a while now and I was finally able to put it all together. After weeks of planning exactly what, where and when, conflicting schedules and trying to work around UK weather, I decided to do this styling collab with designer AJ Taylor. From there I spoke to Judith for makeup and Peter for the photographs.

I came up with a few themes/looks I asked her to design for and gave Judith full creative control over the makeup looks for looks. I chose themes/looks that we usually find we are shopping/planning for. All the stuff here are available on the CJAJ09 website or will be up soon. All the contact details will be at the end of the post 🙂


The Career Chic

Monday mornings are usually filled with black, white or grey colours! The classic suit is great but can be boring sometimes. With not so great weather you can almost blend in with your surroundings! Inject some colour in your working wardrobe with some CJAJ09 pieces that are guaranteed to turn a few heads and brighten your office!

Nancy, is wearing a crop top over a plain white shirt and wide leg trousers


If yellow is not your colour why not try white? I am wearing a dress turned into a top (From Primark) paired with white CJAJ09 trousers and a white waterfall jacket


On those rare days we actually have sun shine lol, why not try this kente tie over a plain white shirt and an Ankara skirt?



The Party Girl

So it’s been a tough week and you’re ready to hit town with your BFF, for a drink or two and to dance the night away.

We know co-ordinates were big last season and season too but have you tried it in African print? Angela is wearing the latest trend with a split midi skirt and a peplum top.

I am wearing a peplum maxi skirt and a lace top ( from else where)


Don’t you hate the long taxi wait at the end of the night?




That’s all the pictures I have for now! Please check my Facebook and the others for more pictures. Definitely check out AJ’s website for all the clothes. She also offers a personalised service where you can give her your own Ankara cloth and design.  All the contact details are below


Contact details

AJ Taylor, Fashion Designer/ Creative Director


Twitter- myafricancloset

Instagram- myafricancloset




Judith, Makeup Artist

Jays Prestige

Instagram- Jays Prestige


Peter Fynn, photographer

The Ordinary Amazing




Sarah Fynn, Blogger/Creative director/ Organiser

All my social media tags can be found on the right hand side.

Yeah Peter is my brother lol, but he was actually the one we had to wait the longest for smh lool.

That’s all folks! I will be back with some more pictures and another post! Stay tuned! Which look was your fav? Which pieces do you want to try? Let us know

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