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Hey wonderful people, welcome back to my blog! How’s everyone feeling back at school? I hope your new term/year has started great for you 🙂

So today I have something special for you guys! My everyday inspiration series is back! This time I speak to Liza aka Yaa.Lia, the style icon, on her natural hair journey

“.. I instantly fell in love again with natural hair….I loved the volume, the texture and the versatility of it so I figured that was the best time to go natural as it meant ‘wash and go”  after swimming.” – Liza


Liza, better known as Yaa.Lia was born and raised in Ghana (#Ghanaian babes, #teamThurdayborns lol), has lived in Austria and currently living in the UK. When asked about natural hair in Ghana, she says it wasn’t a ‘big trend in Ghana’, she recollects…

Myself and my sister ….it wasn’t really known as natural hair…it was just hair…had to be kept short and neat for school so we often got regular haircuts. Natural hair was all over the place. It wasn’t a big trend…you either wore your hair in its natural state or had it relaxed.

It’s true, growing up in Ghana myself and looking back now, we all had natural hair! I remember I had to cut my relaxed hair because I was going to this new school and they required all the girls to have short hair (Talk about big chop lol)

Why did you transition to natural hair? Can you remember the date? (Do you still celebrate your nappiversary? Lol)

I just celebrated my 5th nappiversary on the 4th of august (Congrats girl!). I have always wanted natural hair and my hairdresser actually refused to cut my hair 8 years ago when I asked her to. I made the decision 3 years later as my hair was in really bad state from chorine damage and had to be cut off anyway. I then discovered the natural hair community on YouTube and instantly fell in love again with natural hair….I loved the volume, the texture and the versatility of it so I figured that was the best time to go natural as it meant ‘wash and go”  after swimming.


In the 1st few months of transitioning, what aspects did you find the most difficult? How did you overcome that?

When I had relaxed hair with new growth: all I remember during that time was how I loved Bantu knots and rod sets…those were the main hairstyles I wore and some braids for a period of time

After My Big Chop: I did my homework prior to the big chop and knew exactly what to do with my “new” hair the moment the relaxed hair came off so I didn’t come across any difficulties, and the negative comments and reactions didn’t bother me one bit.. I knew what products to use and care for, what styles to wear and how to accessorise. Researching really helped me embrace my hair so the whole process was exciting to me. Now, it’s more of the long and frustrating detangling session I dread on wash days. oh how I miss my Teeny Weeny Afro days.

I know rite! From taking 30 mins to wash your TWA and all of a sudden wash day is like a cold winter’s day: unloved and not welcomed lool! *sigh*


Now let’s talk hair products because I am a self-diagnosed (well my bank account too agrees too) product junkie lol! I love listening to what other people use on their hair and adding it to my never ending list of things to try lool

Did you have to change your hair products and routines? If so, what became your favorite products? Can you give us a simplified version of your hair routine now?

 I don’t have a routine now…just wash days and two strand twist after it’s washed –Yaa.Lia

Many people think they have to have a supernatural (lol) routine going and have to go through 1,00000 steps on wash day. Then you find you are super frustrated and tired. Natural hair care can be very simple and straight forward. Take it from Yaa.Lia, I mean look at her hair! Simple works too!!

Yaa.Lia – I went on a product rampage within the first year and had a regime I followed and spent tons on new products and oils. Oils are expensive (this is the truth! Lol).. I threw that all out of the window as you discover in time what products are necessity for your hair and what are just fads because everyone is hyping about them. I don’t do trial and error anymore. I only buy products I have use over and over. I don’t have a routine now…just wash days and two strand twist after it’s washed. My favourite products are Cantu Shea Butter Leave- In, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and ORS Hair Mayo

(Is it bad I have tried all these products and currently own the Cantu, olive oil and coconut oil? But in actual facts, every natural has coconut oil and olive oil, it’s like two of the things you MUST have once you are natural lool)

What is your go to protective style?

Two strand twists…I’m not very good at braiding hair. I’ve only worn braids once in my whole natural hair journey life. One of the reasons I went natural was to stay away from synthetic or even real human hair for weaves…I just want to know my natural hair and just embrace it on its own.

Also I have scalp psoriasis (eczema) so can’t wear braids or weaves as my hair needs regular washing. Eczema can flare up and produce excess dead skin/flakes anytime so I always have to be ready to wash and care for my scalp, plus the less stress on my scalp the better for my eczema condition.

Check out her go- to style on her Youtube channel


If you had to recommend 5 products to newly naturals or transitioners what would they be?

Start with the basics- Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In, Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Shea Butter and a good deep conditioner.

What’s the best advice you got/came across as a natural and what’s the best advice you can give to others?

Do your research very well but don’t go overboard with too much information. Also, don’t compare your hair and its journey to others, don’t expect to have a thick full hair by a certain time just because someone else has, every ones hair is different and react to products and styles different which affects growth and the general health of your hair. Just embrace yours whatever the texture, whatever the length. I chose healthy hair over length any day.

Social media- Do you have a blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Business, and YouTube etc that you would like people to know? Please give details/links

I currently run a fashion/style blog – YaaLia’s FashionSense- www.yaalia.com

Instagram: @yaalia_blog / Twitter: @classyyaalia / YouTube: YaaLia / Facebook: YaaLias Fashion Sense

Anything else you would like to add? Your mantra? Hair type? Confess if you are a product junkie? Advice etc? The sky is your limit here 

Take care of your hair when it needs it otherwise, leave it be (might not be the case but you get the idea)

That’s all folks! Make sure you check Liza out on her social media tags! If you are in need for some serious style inspiration, you NEED to check her blog out! Thank you Liza for taking part in this series and sharing your story with me! I hope you guys have been inspired by her story and not to get up with your hair journey, whatever stage it may be!


Remember simplicity is key! And don’t go overboard with info this equals stress

Enjoy the rest of your day and I will be back soon with another post! Btw did you see my blog on natural hair myths? Read it here >> http://wp.me/p1uQOd-Ju

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