Lush Masks Series: Don’t look at me, Ayesha

Hey family, many of you have been asking, well here it is. The official start to the Lush Masks series! We are kicking things off with don’t look at me and Ayesha! As usual, I will add reviews, prices and where to purchase. Let’s gooooo


Don’t look at me


Packed with murumuru butter, lemon juice, Tunisian neroli and organic silken tofu and many other wonderful ingredients. It’s perfect for exfoliating and toning your skin. Pick it up for £6.50 for 75g.







Lush Ayesha Mask

Made with honey, asparagus and kiwi, this mask will balance out your skin and brighten your face! It’s also £6.50 for 75g.

What are people saying?




That’s all folks for the 1st post! You can purchase online on their website or in store. Please check for the closest store to you. Their website is Subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

With love



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