Lush Toner Water

Eau Roma Water, Breath of Fresh Air, Tea tree water

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As promised this is the second and last post in the Lush toner series. We looked at their 3 toner tabs, which can be read here >> . Today we are looking at their 3 toner waters, let’s get started.

Eau Roma Water


This is described as been suitable for sensitive skills. It contains rose water to calm the skin, lavender water to balance and soften the skin. It can be used as a refreshing spritz or to remove makeup or cleanser. It’s £7.95 for 250g.





Breath of fresh air


It’s perfect for toning and balancing the skin. It contains rose absolute and patchouli oil as well as seaweed.  It’s £7.95 for 250g





Tea tree water


This is probably best for acne prone skin. It contains tea tree and grapefruit and juniperberry.  It’s the same price as the other two.




That’s all folks. I am putting together a Lush skincare kit and I will share that with you once I am done. I am changing my skincare products/regime to all natural products (Or mostly natural). You can purchase all these online or instore.  You can check their website for the closest Lush store to your location.

Remember folks; if you are natural and live in the UK, there is still is time to take part in my Laika project survey that looks at your spending habits. I promise the whole survey will take you only 2 mins! Visit the link here>>

Next we will be starting the series on the face masks!

Until then



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