Crown Pride Naturals


Hey lovely people! It’s a hot day here in the UK, how you spending it? Whatever you’re doing, don’t forget that sunscreen (unless you’re at work like me lool) and enjoy! It will probably rain soon lool.

Any hooo, I am back with another UK based natural hair collection! It’s been a while huh?  From the results I have gotten so far from my Laika Project (Thank you for those who have taken part so far! If you haven’t already, you can take the survey here >> )it seems that most of us in the UK are not even aware of the UK brands out there that cater to us. This is where I come in. I have featured a few UK based brands that offer natural hair care products right here on my blog for you to check out! Look under the product collections tab for all of them!

Today is no different, we will be focusing on Crown Pride Naturals, a UK based company offering products for our hair texture. As always I will be showing you where to get them (because it seems that is a problem too for us) and any reviews on the products! Ready? Let’s get started

So they have a few products designed to help you from start to finish on your wash day.

crown use


Olive conditioning shampoo


Argan smoothing conditioner

Avocado detangling conditioner

Tucuma curl moisture mask

Leave in conditioners

Cream conditioning mist

Organic hair milk

Stylers and polishers

Nilotica and mango buttercream

Curl cream gel

Curl control styling puree

Shea and hemp whipped butter

Monoi hair pomade

Japanese camellia kissi oil

They also have collection packs targeting different hair problems. It’s the same products as above

Maximum hydration collection ft. the shampoo and all 3 conditioners

Smooth and repair collection

Style and polish collection ft. all the stylers in their range

They also have travel packs which have been divided into two types: Rich for thicker and tighter curls or Light for wavy or looser curls. Both packs contain 3 or 4 stylers. I actually think this is excellent value for money as you get to try out some products before fully investing into a bigger size!


Rich travel pack

Reviews, I have been able to find one video on the avocado detangling conditioner. I have also contacted them to see if they can provide any products for a review, if they do or whatever the case I will let you know! Make sure you are following me on my Instagram or twitter; they are probably the best places to find out!



So the price point: it’s very affordable and won’t cost you an arm and a leg lol. You can purchase their full collection online on their website >> , you can also purchase on British Curlies >>

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this post. I am really on a mission to find as many UK based natural hair collections as possible and let you guys know about them! I am also transitioning to only UK based hair products Enjoy the rest of the day and if you have already do take part in my survey; I need as many responses as possible!

Until next time




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