Anita Grants Natural Hair Products

Hey family, how is everyone? So taking a much needed break from our Lush Cleansers series, we will be going back to our product collections for natural hair ( y’all thought it was over? Lol). Today we are looking at Anita Grant, one of UK top brands for natural hair. They have a lot of products so let’s dive right in!

Shampoos, Cleansers and Co-wash

  1. African black soap
  2. Babassu alma shampoo bar
  3. Babassu lavender rose shampoo bar
  4. Curl conditioning clay hair wash
  5. Organic kelp and ylang babassu shampoo bar
  6. Peppermint babassu shampoo bar
  7. Unscented babassu shampoo bar
  8. Curl cleansing co-wash conditioner (citrus mint, rosemary mint, unscented)

Most of the shampoo bars are 110g however they also provide bars in smaller sizes e.g. 40g


Deep Conditioners/ leave in conditioners

  1. Banana rhassoul deep condish ( 90g and 940 g)
  2. Black strap molasses and organic slippery elm deep condish block
  3. Curl conditioning milk ( different versions)
  4. Marshmallow rhassoul deep condish
  5. Original rhassoul deep condish
  6. Raspberry rhassoul deep condish

curl milk

Natural Hair pomades

  1. Organic sapote and coconut pomade

Floral Waters and spritzers

  1. Aloe rose oil free hair spritz
  2. Aloe vera gel
  3. Aloe vera seaweed gel
  4. Grapefruit floral water
  5. Jasmine floral water
  6. Lavender floral
  7. Organic rose geranium floral water
  8. Organic rose water
  9. Organic witch hazel
  10. Ylang ylang floral water

Organic natural hair oils

  1. Organic virgin argan oil
  2. Cucumber kissi hair and body oils
  3. Japanese camellia kissi oil
  4. Monoi de Tahiti castor hair oil
  5. Monoi de Tahiti tiare
  6. Organic andiroba oil
  7. Organic babassu oil
  8. Organic burdock root oil
  9. Organic carrot oil
  10. Organic sapote oil
  11. Organic virgin castor oil
  12. Organic virgin coconut castor hair oil
  13. Organic virgin coconut oil
  14. Pink grapefruit kissi oil
  15. Unrefined baobab oil
  16. Virgin pataua oil


Natural organic hair butters

  1. Creamy café latte leave in detangle conditioner ( unscented , vanilla )
  2. Organic sapote shea
  3. Unrefined shea
  4. Virgin mango butter coconut whip
  5. Whipped butter leave in moisture sealing conditioner (Lavender and sandalwood, monoi de Tahiti, pink grapefruit , unscented and lemon sponge)


That’s a whole lot of products from start (Cleansing) to finish (styling). I have been able to find a few videos on some of the products, I also contacted them a while back to ask for products to review for this series but to no avail. Let’s take a look at the videos, I tried to get as many covering different products as most of the ones I found were on the condish cubes.





Anyways what do you guys think? Anita Grant is based here in the UK for those of you wondering. For more information or to make a purchase please visit the website> . Most of the products come in smaller sizes if you wanted to test them out before getting a full sized product. i got the pictures from their facebook page

Let me if you have any of these products

Until next time



Remember if you are natural and live in the UK, there is still time to fill out my survey to help with my project, here’s a link >> 




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