LoveShea 1st impressions

Hey lovely people, how’s everyone doing. This post will be the 1st impressions of the LoveShea whipped shea butter I received from LoveShea. LoveShea is a UK based natural products that offers natural skincare and body care products. I featured them in my product series, check that post out for their full product collection>

I received the whipped shea butter in Keylime pie and Bakewell tart scents/version/flavours lol. This is can be used on both hair and skin.


I love this! The keylime pie smells sooooo good like. I really like how it feels on my skin. My skin loves shea butter! So this worked perfectly to soften and moisturise. If you love citrusy/lemonys scents then you will love this. When I used it on my hair it made it really soft and the same for my skin too.  The bakewell tart worked the same too and smells like cherries.

you can see how much i used! I used more than half and I love that I can recycle the glass jars!

you can see how much i used! I used more than half and I love that I can recycle the glass jars!

This stuff smells so good guys, if you could smell them through the screen you would understand how I feel. If you are in search for some scented whipped shea butter look no further. I recommend the keylime pie scent, you will love it!

They also have some body scrubs and black soap too. Check them out,

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