Lush Cleansers: Ocean Salt



Hey guys! Carrying on with our Lush cleansers series, this time we are looking at the ocean salt scrubs for face and body. There are a few different versions of this and I am not quite sure if they perform differently.

The different versions are

Ocean salt

Ocean salt self-preserving and alcohol free same ingredients

Ocean salt alcohol free

They are priced at £7.25 for 120g.

It doesn’t give any information on what type it’s suitable for so let’s take a look at some videos. Is it worth your money?




What do you guys think? Let me know below! Look out for the next post in this series, we still have a few more to cover.

Sarah Fynn x CJAJ09 x theordinary amazing x JaysPrestige: it was a huge project/collab over the weekend so stay tuned for my post on that too! I hope to get it out soon!

Have a great day (Even though I am suffering with this cold!)



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