The BodyShop Aloe Collection

Hey loves, welcome back to my blog. SO as we discussed previously, this will be the second post in the body shop skincare range for sensitive skin. This will also be the last but one post in this series :(, I have been getting good feedback for this series so I will try and get some more skincare product collections for you! Lush skincare series coming soon!

Their aloe range is fragrance and alcohol free and perfect for sensitive skin and to sooth irritation. It’s a decent size collection, featuring 12 (2 body care products) products

  1. Aloe soothing gel
  2. Aloe calming facial cleanser
  3. Aloe gentle exfoliator
  4. Aloe gentle facial wash
  5. Aloe soothing day cream
  6. Aloe soothing night cream
  7. Aloe calming toner
  8. Aloe protective restoring mask
  9. Aloe soothing moisture lotion SPF 15
  10. Aloe eye defence

So what are other people saying about it? Let’s find out! Here are some reviews



Let me know your thoughts below and stay tuned for discounts!

If you want to try this line out, you can purchase on line on their website, remember  I have a link for you to earn up to 11.55% cashback on all purchases on the body shop website! Sign up for Top Cashback and shop through the site to earn this amazing deal PLUS they have any online store you can earn from (ASOS, BOOHOO, NARS, and many more)

They also have a promotion on their website now where you get 35% off 4 or more products! The code is SUMMER

That’s all folks I hope you enjoyed this post.

With love




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