The Body Shop Drops of Youth Collection

Hey my loves! This is the final post in our BodyShop skin care series! Let’s take a look at all the previous posts in the series

  1. Camomile collection >
  2. Nutriganics collection >>
  3. Pomegranate collection >>
  4. Seaweed collection >
  5. Tea tree collection >>
  6. Vitamin C collection >>
  7. Vitamin E collection >>
  8. Aloe collection >>

We have also looked at their new spa of the world collection >

In this final post, we will look at their drops of youth collection aimed at fighting the first signs f sging including wrinkles and fine lines. Let’s take a look at the collection:


  1. Drops of youth wonderblur
  2. Drops of youth bouncy sleeping mask
  3. Drops of youth eye concentrate
  4. Drops of youth concentrate

Let’s see some reviews!



What do you guys think? Has anyone used these products before?! The bouncy sleeping mask looks very interesting.

If you want to try this line out, you can purchase on line on their website, remember  I have a link for you to earn up to 11.55% cashback on all purchases on the body shop website! Sign up for Top Cashback and shop through the site to earn this amazing deal PLUS they have any online store you can earn from (ASOS, BOOHOO, NARS, and many more)

They also have a promotion on their website now where you get 35% off 4 or more products! The code is SUMMER

For more info and tips on how to use the collection, please visit the website >>

That’s all folks I hope you enjoyed this post.

With love




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