The Body Shop Vitamin C range

Hey loves!

So as promised, in this post we will be going through the Body Shop vitamin C skin care range. We previously looked at Vitamin E range, you can read that post here>>

Vitamin C has great benefits when applied topically such as slowing the aging process down and having a brightening effect on the skin. It also offers a small amount of UV protection but still apply your normal sunscreen afterwards.


The Body Shop’s Vitamin C range is really popular. The full collection is as follows

  1. Vitamin C instant glow enhancer
  2. Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser
  3. Vitamin C skin reviver
  4. Vitamin C facial radiance capsules
  5. Vitamin C energizing face spritz
  6. Vitamin C daily moisturiser with SPF 30
  7. Vitamin C radiance powder mix
  8. Vitamin c eye reviver duo
  9. Vitamin C facial cleansing polish
  10. Vitamin C microdermabrasion

I really want to try the capsules, daily moisturiser and the face spritz. Let me know if you have these and how they work out.  I found some videos for you



What do you guys think? I want to try this collection! I like anything that says ‘will brighten your skin’ because to me that equals radiance. Are you using any of the products in this range? And which is your favourite? Let me know!

Until next time



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