The Body Shop Vitamin E range

Hey loves, taking a break from hair updates and going to skincare products.

A good place to start will be the Body Shop Vitamin E range. Vitamin E has many uses including boosting collagen production and supporting new skin cell growth. It also helps scar healing and prevention and helps to lighten dark spots. It is also has excellent moisture properties and protection against free radicals.

The body shop vitamin E range is very affordable and has an extensive amount of products for most skin types. Although I don’t own a lot of body shop products (infact just one from this range and a primer sample lol), I have another vitamin E skin care products I really love.



The full collection is

  1. Vitamin E moisture cream
  2. Vitamin E overnight serum in oil
  3. Vitamin E moisture lotion
  4. Vitamin E eye cream
  5. Vitamin E cool BB cream
  6. Vitamin E face mist
  7. Vitamin E gentle facial cleansing wipes
  8. Vitamin E lip care with spf15
  9. Vitamin E sink in moisture mask
  10. Vitamin E aqua boost sorbet
  11. Vitamin E eyes cube
  12. Vitamin E night cream
  13. Vitamin E cream cleanser
  14. Vitamin E hydrating toner
  15. Vitamin e cream exfoliator
  16. Vitamin E gentle facial wash
  17. Vitamin E illuminating moisture cream
  18. Vitamin E intense moisture cream
  19. Vitamin E moisture serum

That’s 19 products to cleanse, tone and moisturise for any skin type! I have the facial mist and I really love it. I use this to set my makeup for a semi- dewy glow but also on a bare face when I want extra moisture. I really want to try more of the products in this range ( Am I thinking of a shopping trip soon? Lool)

I have been able to find some videos on what people are saying about some of the products, check them out below:


What do you think? Remember for skin care products (hair products too), the entire collection has been created to work together so you will probably get the best results from using products from this range combined together e.g. you could start with one of their cleansers, then toner and finish with one of their moisturisers. They have body care products as well in this range if you wanted to buy some vitamin E stuff for your body.

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That’s all folks. Next we will be looking at their vitamin C range.

Until then



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