Hey my loves, guess what I have another UK based product collection!  this time we are talking about natural skincare products. LoveShea provides products with natural and certified organic ingredients, so you know its the real deal. For my green savvy naturalists, their loyalty scheme encourages recycling. I share her philosophy of going back to basics and re discovering ingredients from childhood.  I am re discovering the great benefits of African black soap and my skin is thanking me for it!
In this post, we will look at the full skincare collection and where to purchase it. Let’s get started. LoveShea provides whipped Shea butters and body scrubs and African black soap. You can use the butters for both hair and skin!
The full collection is
Whipped Shea butters
  1. LoveShea whipped Shea butter
  2. LoveShea chocolate fudge whipped Shea butter
  3. LoveShea key lime pie whipped Shea butter
  4. LoveShea bake well tart whipped Shea butter


  1. Ginger and orange moisturising sugar scrub
  2. coconut and lime moisturising sugar scrub



African black soap
LoveShea also provides gift sets of the body butters in mini and large sizes.
Ok, so don’t they sound like a trio of desserts?! LOL. I can imagine these smelling very lovely on the skin! I haven’t used any of the products yet… Look out for a review soon though!
I was able to find a review from Rachy from Ukafrolista, watch it below

I am currently using African black soap, although its not from LoveShea, authentic African black soap will perform the same! so why should you purchase this and use it? read my post on it here >>

That’s all folks for now! I know you guys have been asking for more UK based products, this is a great one to try out! Let me know your thoughts on them. I can’t wait to try the butters!
For more information or to make a purchase, please visit her official website>>
Until next time


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