Hey girls! So it seems we miss the product collection series lol, I certainly miss finding out about the different brands and products out there for us so here it is! Another product collection for us

NOTHING BUT is a line created by soft and free with no mineral oil, parabens, petroleum, phthalates, colorants and sulfate. Everything natural hair can do without. On their website, the feature a sample regime that helps you with your natural hair journey. I will leave links below.

So it’s a good collection, featuring all the essentials. Let’s take a look

download (3)


  1. Nothing but melted shea butter leave in conditioner
  2. Nothing but clarifying shampoo
  3. Nothing but cleansing conditioner
  4. Nothing but intense healing mask
  5. Nothing but curl wake up spray
  6. Nothing but pure pudding
  7. Nothing but curl sealer
  8. Nothing but mould and hold

They also have a few packs for different hair needs. They all contain 3 products and a free gift

  1. Nothing but transitioning pack- aimed at helping the transition from relaxed to natural hair a tad bit easier, it contains the clarifying shampoo, intense healing mask and the cleansing conditioner plus a free head band
  2. Nothing but pure pudding fitness pack- for my fitness sisters. this contains the cleansing conditioner, curl wake up spray and pure pudding plus a free head band
  3. Nothing but curl sealer fitness pack- contains the same as above expect replace the pure pudding with the curl sealer

So it’s a good collection but it is nothing but lies lol? See what I did there? Let’s take a look at some reviews





What’s the verdict? It seems like it’s nothing but good results. LOL. What do you guys think? Any one used this line before please drop a comment! UK girls, you can get the full collection of Nothing but on British Curlies >>

A link to their website >

Create your regime link >

That’s all folks, let me know what you think and what you want to see next. I will be bringing you a few more product collections. I am also looking for more UK based products as well for you guys.

Until next time





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