Hey peeps!  It’s the end of an era lol. This will be the final post in our shea moisture mini-series! Have you been keeping up so far? Check out all the previous posts

Coconut and hibiscus >>

Superfruit complex 10 in 1 renewal system >>

Raw shea butter >>

African lack soap >>

Yucca and plantain >>

Jamaican black castor oil >>

Manuka honey and mafura oil >>

Their final collection is the Tahitian noni and monoi which aims to reduce frizz, smooth and add curl definition back to thick, curly hair. It also helps to restore moisture, body and shine for healthy, bouncy curls.

The main ingredients are

  1. Tahitian noni- antioxidant vitamin c helps maintain hair health
  2. Monoi oil- reparative benefits revive dry, damaged hair
  3. Keratin- smoothes and reduced flyaways while moisturizing hair

The full collection

  1. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair nourishing hair masque
  2. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair conditioning shampoo
  3. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair rinse out conditioner
  4. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair hair and scalp weekly therapy
  5. Tahitian noni and monoi smooth and repair high shine glosser

Shall we check out some reviews?




The final one! I hope you guys have enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed researching and writing about them. I really didn’t know about some of their products up until now. I am really interested in trying some of their collections and when/if I do, a full review will always be on the blog. You can purchase this collection and all others expect for the Manuka honey and mafura oil collection from British Curlies >>

For more information on all their lines please visit the Shea Moisture website >

And no guys, I wasn’t paid or sponsored to do this mini-series 🙂  I really enjoy learning about new products and different companies.

Are you stuck on choosing the right collection for your hair needs? Don’t worry I got you! My fool proof guide to Shea moisture products will be up shortly! Please repost/ tweet or tag Shea moisture so they can see this!

Speak to you very soon





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